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Setting up Coram Point NVR and IP Cameras
Setting up Coram Point NVR and IP Cameras
Written by Ashesh Jain
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Some basics of Coram Point first

The Coram Point boots up upon receiving power. There is no need to press any buttons, nor is it necessary to connect any monitors or keyboards for setup. It is fully managed through the Coram AI cloud dashboard. To log into the dashboard, read the instructions provided here.

Coram Point does not function as a router and will not assign IP addresses to cameras. The IP cameras must be assigned IP addresses by a separate router.

Each Coram Point is equipped with at least two network interfaces (NICs), offering the flexibility to isolate cameras from the public internet (e.g., if your cameras and public internet are on different LANs). You can use either NIC; the software automatically identifies which one is for the camera and which one is for the internet.

If you have existing IP cameras, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the network topology, specifically which switch at your site provides access to the camera LAN, and which switch provides access to the public internet.

Connecting Coram Point to your network

There are two ways of connecting the Coram Point NVR and cameras. At a high level, they differ in:

  1. Isolating cameras from the public internet (option 1 below)

  2. Exposing cameras to the public internet (option 2 below)

Connect the Coram Point NVR to the following:

  1. Plug in the power cable that comes packed inside the box

  2. Plug in one of the ethernet ports at the back of the NVR to the public internet (you can use any one of the two ports)

  3. (If you go with Option 1) Plug in the other ethernet ports to a PoE switch (power over ethernet) that is connected to the cameras

Note that in both options, the IP addresses are assigned to the cameras by the router, not by Coram Point.

Follow the steps to log in to the Coram AI cloud dashboard.

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