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Connecting Coram Point to the Internet
Connecting Coram Point to the Internet
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Coram Point includes multiple Ethernet ports.

Coram Points CP-S and CP-E (workstation form factor) have two Ethernet ports at the back. You can use either of the two ports for the internet and camera network.

Coram Point CP-X and CP-Y (server rack form factor) can have up to six Ethernet ports at the back. The ports marked with a red square in the image below can be used for internet or camera access.

Coram Point CP-X-1

Setting static IP for Coram Point

All Coram Points support both static and DHCP IP assignments. While we recommend using DHCP, there are situations where assigning a static IP address to the Coram Point is preferred. Here are two ways to set a static IP:

1. Setting a Static IP from Your Router

Most routers allow you to assign a static IP address to a specific MAC address. Follow these steps:

  • Obtain the MAC address for the different Ethernet ports on the Coram Point from the Devices page: Go to Devices > Appliance > Settings.

  • Use the router settings to assign a static IP address to the MAC address you obtained.

2. Setting a Static IP from the Coram AI Dashboard

Users can set a static IP for an interface on the Coram Point by navigating to Devices > Appliance > Settings.

Under the Network tab, users can select the interface for which they want to set a static IP.

After selecting the interface:

  • DHCP is enabled by default.

To set a static IP, disable DHCP and fill in the following fields:

  • Static IP address

  • Gateway IP address

  • Subnet mask (e.g.,

  • DNS server address

  • Press Submit.

After submission, the system will attempt to set the static IP for the interface. If setting the static IP causes the Coram Point to lose its internet connection, the changes will be discarded, and it will revert to the previous state.

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