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ONVIF camera support
ONVIF camera support
Written by Ashesh Jain
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Coram Point supports any IP camera that is ONVIF compliant. However, it should be noted that many vendors claim to be ONVIF compliant but do not properly implement the ONVIF standards.

Support for ONVIF cameras

Some of the cameras with which Coram Point has been actively deployed include Lorex, Hikvision, Panasonic, Sony, GW Security, Uniview, Axis, Avigilon, Hanwha, Wisenet, Vivotek, Reolink, Amcrest, and many more.

When streaming from an ONVIF compliant camera, Coram Point by default fetch the highest-resolution video profile (usually, this is the first profile). If the first profile fails, which can happen if the camera is already streaming to an old NVR and the camera only allows a single client for the primary profile, then Coram Point automatically falls back to the secondary profile.

Support for closed cameras

In addition to the above cameras, Coram Point also supports closed cameras that expose an RTSP stream. This includes Cisco Meraki, Ubiquiti, Verkada, and Rhombus Systems. You should check the documentation of your closed camera to see if they expose an RTSP profile that can be enabled from within the camera.


Does Coram Point support Wi-Fi cameras?

Yes, Coram AI supports wireless cameras as long as they can stream from an RTSP URL (or are ONVIF compliant) and are on the same network as Coram Point.

Is there a database of RTSP URLs for different cameras?

Yes, you can access the RTSP profile of several popular cameras here:

Do I need to continue to pay for my closed camera if I am using their RTSP profile?

Most likely, yes. Please check with your respective vendor. Most closed cameras will lock down the RTSP profile once you stop paying for the subscription. That's why they are called "closed" cameras.

Can I manually specify the RTSP profile for a camera in the Coram dashboard?

Yes, the Coram dashboard allows the user to manually enter the RTSP profile. This is useful if you are working with closed cameras or the camera did not properly implement the ONVIF standards. Read here to find the steps to manually specify the RTSP URL.

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