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Change camera settings
Change camera settings

Change password, delete camera, rotate images

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To change the camera settings go to Devices > Settings (for the camera you'dl like to change the settings for)

Set camera username and password

To set a camera username and password go to Devices section on the left panel. Then click on Settings for a camera.

If you are using Coram AI IP cameras, then the username is admin and default password is admin123!

If the above password doesn't work, then try 123456

From within the Coram AI app, the password of the IP camera cannot be changed. To change the camera password directly, visit the camera using its IP address on the web browser (you have to be on the same LAN for it).

Deleting a camera

Users can remove a camera via the camera settings page. It is crucial to be cautious when deleting a camera, as this action will permanently erase the historical data associated with that camera.

Deleting a camera will completely remove it from the Coram AI dashboard. While archives generated by the camera will remain accessible, the live video feed will be discontinued. Users have the option to re-add a deleted camera at a later time; however, this will not recover the camera's historical data.

If a user exceeds the capacity of the Coram Point appliance or their license limit and wishes to add a new camera while replacing an existing one, there is no need to delete the camera for this purpose. Instead, the user can deactivate the old camera and add the new one. Deactivating a camera does not delete its data; it merely frees up the license for that camera, and no live video feed is streamed from the deactivated camera.

Rotating a camera video

Users can directly rotate the camera video from within the Coram AI app (by 90/180/90-left degrees). This is very handy for cases where the camera is mounted sideways or upside down due to certain physical constraints.

To rotate a camera to go: Devices > Camera Settings

Enable camera microphone

The microphone on the camera is disabled by default, and admins can enable audio recording. First, the audio must be enabled by the account admin from the settings page: Settings > Controls > Enable Audio Streaming.

After this, the admin can individually enable audio on specific cameras from the Devices page.

It's important to note that not all IP cameras have a microphone. Therefore, you should ensure that the IP cameras you are using support audio and that it is enabled from the camera's web UI. You should navigate to the camera's IP address in a web browser and enable the audio if it is not already enabled. Below is an example image of the Coram AI IP camera UI while enabling the audio.

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