Register Coram Point NVR
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Before registering the Coram Point, make sure you have connected it to power and public internet as described here.

To register a new Coram Point NVR to the Devices section on the left panel

  • Each Coram Point has a code printed on top of it. For example: "coram-snake-39dkuyt"

  • Once the code is accepted, you can set the location of the Coram Point, or you can create a new location.

  • Once the Coram Point is correctly added, you will see the device as online in the "Appliances" tab

How to Edit the Location Name of a Coram Point

Step 1: Go to the Appliances Tab

To begin, navigate to the Appliances tab on your Coram Point dashboard. This is where you can view all of your connected devices and manage their settings.

Step 2: Hover Over the Location Name

Once you are on the Appliances tab, find the device whose location name you want to edit. Hover your cursor over the location name and a pencil icon should appear.

Step 3: Edit the Location Name

Click on the pencil icon to edit the location name. A text box should appear where you can type in the new name for the location. Once you are done, click "Save" to confirm the changes.

You should note: if you have multiple Coram Points at the same location, editing the name of one location will edit the location name for all the Coram Points at that location. This is a convenient way to quickly update the location names for all of your devices at once.

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