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When loading a video, if you encounter the message "Video not found," this can be attributed to several factors:

Low Internet Bandwidth

To stream the video, Coram Point requires a minimum amount of uplink bandwidth. The required uplink bandwidth depends on the number of cameras being streamed simultaneously. You can check the health of your internet connection for a Coram Point NVR by navigating to the Devices page and selecting the Appliances tab. If the signal icon appears yellow, it indicates poor internet connectivity at the site. Should packet loss exceed 10% or the uplink bandwidth fall below 10Mbps, it is recommended to address these issues first.

High Camera FPS

If the camera displays as "online" on the Devices page but "Video not found" still appears, it's possible the camera is set to a very high FPS and/or resolution, exceeding Coram Point's processing capabilities. Look for a yellow triangle next to the "online" status, hover over it to see if there is a high FPS warning. We recommend setting the camera FPS to 15 FPS.

Confirm Camera Video Availability

As a final step, ensure the IP camera is functioning properly outside of the Coram AI app. Log into the camera using its IP address from a web browser (note: you must be connected to the camera's LAN). Upon logging in, confirm that the camera's video feed is visible. If not, the camera may be malfunctioning, a problem occasionally observed with some cameras. Perform a hard reboot of the camera through the camera's UI or reboot the POE switch it is connected to.

If the camera's video is accessible via the web UI, try deactivating and reactivating the camera from the Coram AI app's Devices page. Wait for 30 seconds after reactivation. Should this not resolve the issue, contact the Coram AI support team.

Check for recent camera errors

From the camera settings, you can view the camera's FPS, resolution, and any recent errors (within the last 30 minutes). In the example below, the camera had an "Invalid Credentials" error. Any errors listed here can contribute to "Video Not Found" or "Camera Offline" errors.

recent error on the camera coram ai

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