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Logging into the Coram AI dashboard
Logging into the Coram AI dashboard
Written by Ashesh Jain
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Prerequisite: Before logging in, an organization needs to be created for you. This step is taken care of by the Coram AI sales rep. If you are an existing customer, you should already be assigned to an organization.

Ask the admin of the organization (or the Coram AI sales rep if you are new to Coram AI) to create a new user for you. Once you have been added to an organization in Coram AI, you will get an email that will look as follows:

  • If you don't get the email, then check your spam folder.

  • You can click on the Login button or directly proceed to

You will see a screen as follows:

  • You can either log in with SSO if you want to use a password, then click on "Reset password" to set a password to log in. The reset password email can sometimes end in your spam or the email provider might disable the reset password link. The email looks as follows

For a brand new organization, you can then proceed to add the Coram Point NVR to your organization.

Troubleshooting: If you see the following message ("Your account is not associated with any organization.") after logging in, it means your email is not associated with an organization. Contact the support team or the Coram AI sales rep.

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