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How to Enable Real-Time Video Streaming on Coram Point

Coram Point offers the ability for admins to enable real-time video streaming using WebRTC technology. This feature allows users to view live video with a latency of only 2 seconds. Latency is defined as how far behind the current time the video the user is viewing is. In this article, we will explain how to enable real-time streaming and provide some important information to keep in mind.

Enabling Real-Time Streaming

To enable real-time video streaming, follow these steps:

Enabling Real-Time Streaming on Specific Cameras

From the "Controls" section, users can also enable real-time streaming on specific cameras. This allows for more control over which cameras are streaming in real-time.

Supported Platforms

Currently, real-time streaming is only supported on the timeline page and mobile app. The videos on the Live View, Personal Wall, and Kiosk do not support this technology yet. We are continuously working to expand the availability of real-time streaming to all platforms.

Bandwidth Usage

It is important to keep in mind that enabling real-time streaming may result in increased bandwidth usage. This is because, in order to achieve lower latency, we leverage peer-to-peer connections using WebRTC technology between the Coram Point server and the client's browser. This means that if multiple users are watching the same camera simultaneously, the bandwidth usage will add up.

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