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Camera FPS and Bitrate
Camera FPS and Bitrate
Written by Ashesh Jain
Updated over a week ago

Recommended camera FPS and bitrate

For optimal performance, we recommend the following camera settings:

  • 5MP resolution

  • 2048 kbps bitrate

  • 15 FPS

Coram Point can also handle higher resolutions (4K or 12 MP cameras) and higher FPS. However, the number of cameras supported by Coram Point will decrease below the prescribed range. If you have 4K cameras, or if your use case requires higher FPS, please work with our sales representative to tailor the solution to your needs appropriately.

Setting the camera to 15 FPS

ONVIF-compliant cameras can be set to 15 FPS from the camera settings. Go to Devices > Settings for the camera, and enable the option to set FPS to 15.

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