Camera groups
Written by Ashesh Jain
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Assigning cameras to groups

A user can assign cameras to groups. Groups are helpful for semantically separating cameras based on their location in the building or the purpose they serve.

For example, a warehouse cold storage operator can divide cameras into the following groups:

Groups can be assigned to the camera from the Devices page on the left panel

Unused groups are automatically deleted after 30 minutes.

Viewing cameras for a specific group

From the Live View page, users can select the specific camera group they want to watch. Additionally, users can select "All Groups" to view all the cameras.

Camera location name

The name of the location for the IP camera is automatically determined based on the Coram Point to which it is assigned. The assignment of an IP camera to a Coram Point is managed automatically by the Coram AI software, and users do not have control over this. Refer to this article if you wish to change the location name.

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